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For over four decades, Smith & Harroff (S&H) has helped clients develop effective strategies to successfully solve communication and marketing challenges. While our roots are in political campaigns, today we provide associations, corporations, and government clients with a comprehensive mix of traditional and cutting edge digital communication solutions.

Our History

S&H was founded in 1973 by J. Brian Smith and Mark Harroff. The firm initially established its reputation as a highly successful political consulting and advertising agency, known best for winning seemingly “unwinnable” races. Until 2002, S&H produced advertising for 10-15 candidates in each election cycle and, with over a hundred victories, had one of the best win-loss records in the business.

In the mid-1970s, S&H became one of the first political consulting firms to successfully transition into corporate public affairs, issue and image advertising, and public relations counseling, which now accounts for most of the firm’s client relationships. Today, S&H ranks among the most highly regarded public relations firms in the country.

In recent years, S&H has added expertise in digital marketing, website design, SEO and social media services. In 2014, Rick Morris, President of S&H, became owner of the firm. In 2016, Carina May of C. May & Associates, merged her business into S&H and is now co-owner.

[Smith & Harroff is among the] “Best of the best.”
— The Hill


Rick Morris
Rick MorrisPresident
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