In a time when consumers are more in control than ever, Smith & Harroff can help you leverage a diverse range of tools to maximize your engagement and reach. A tremendous shift has taken place over the last few years; media has become social, technologies are changing at lightning speed and it is more important than ever to have a digital marketing plan based on a well-crafted, defined strategy. We help our clients to develop an integrated multi-channel strategy utilizing a combination of earned, owned and paid media.

Our experienced strategists, writers and graphic designers are skilled at shaping ideas into content that will connect with your desired target audience. Their scope of capabilities ranges from simple to complex and encompasses a wide range including web content, advertising for banner and display ads, social media campaigns, analytics and reporting. Our creative designers also have a long history of designing sophisticated graphics and layouts that are customized with your specific needs in mind.

Our Digital Services

SEO & SEM: Smith & Harroff optimizes content to increase web traffic through organic search by effectively implementing on-page and off-page SEO. These efforts are often complemented with paid search such as PPC (pay per click advertising) and social media marketing.

Content Strategy: Our staff develop content strategies that are closely aligned with organizational objectives. A strong, data-driven strategy is a powerful tool that sets the foundation for all of your digital activities. We start by analyzing your organization and brand and then review your current content as well as all existing assets. Getting to know your audience is also an important piece of the process.

Outreach and Engagement: We help you build relationships with your stakeholders, the media, and online community. Real-time engagement is important to building a sense of community and widening your reach.

Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising: We have used tools such as Google AdWords for our clients in order to generate targeted traffic and be seen by customers when they are searching online. Listings can be purchased to appear in search results along with the natural, non-paid results. PPC can be a great way to generate buzz during short-term campaigns. Measure clicks and conversions to track results.

Ad Retargeting: Keep track when people visit your site and display your retargeting ads to them as they visit other sites online. Retargeting campaigns are great for raising awareness or promoting conversion. Conversion campaigns are best when you want to get people to click on your ad and take a next step, such as sign up for a newsletter, join your association, or register for a conference.

Content Creation: Engaging content will help attract visitors to your site, pull in visitors from search , and earn you links from other sites. We can help create visual items and posts for social media, authority articles to demonstrate thought leadership, blog posts, and other optimized content.

Software Recommendations: We have used a variety of tools to place online ads, manage social media pages, run email campaigns, analyze consumer sentiment, data usage and communication. There are thousands of software platforms in the marketplace and you can trust us to recommend tools that will be suitable to your specific objectives.

 Social Media Marketing: Join the two-way conversation on social media to better connect with your stakeholders and target audience. We have worked with clients to develop a strategy, create social media profiles, provide implementation guidelines, conduct social media audits, make software recommendations, and provide monitoring and analysis services.

Email Campaign Development: We can create, send and measure the impact of your email marketing campaigns. Customized emails can be beautifully designed and sent to your target audience.

Website Development: Our team of project managers, website designers, developers and search engine optimization specialists develop customized websites that range from simple to complex. We have been designing websites since the advent of the internet and throughout the years have always adapted to stay up-to-date with the most current technologies available.

Landing Pages & Customer Relationship Management (CRM): A landing page is a page that someone lands on after clicking on an online call-to-action. An exciting page with an interesting offer can help you convert your visitors and prompt them to take a specific action. Whether it is downloading an eBook, or getting them to sign up for a conference or newsletter, you can provide something valuable while capturing important contact information. Contact information that you collect in this way can then be managed in a database and used for future communication and outreach.

Data Analytics: It is important to understand how consumers use the information you distribute online so that you can continually refine your messaging and outreach tactics. As far as marketing is concerned, we now live in a real-time world; we can recommend and help you implement software and tools that will help you engage with your audience in a way that resonates.