Smith & Harroff, Inc. (S&H) is a full-service public affairs firm that provides strategic communications and advocacy advertising to corporations, coalitions and associations. The firm has over 40 years of experience in the public affairs field.

Unlike many of our peers, S&H made a decision to develop core competencies in the public affairs arena. We understand what works in the nation’s capital, what motivates politicians and how to achieve political objectives. Whether it’s winning support for legislation, maneuvering a client through the regulatory process, or swaying public opinion in our clients’ favor, the S&H staff, as Fortune Magazine put it, (are) “seasoned hands at using political campaign techniques for corporate causes.”

“[S&H] are seasoned hands at using political campaign techniques for corporate causes.”

S&H offers public affairs and communication services to several energy clients. Given concerns over global climate change, many people are taking a new look at nuclear energy. One of our clients, the Nuclear Energy Institute (NEI), with the assistance of S&H, has encouraged policymakers and opinion leaders to take a fresh look at nuclear power by using internet, radio, television, and print advertising to showcase the many benefits of nuclear power. Even after the accident at Fukushima in Japan, survey research demonstrated the positive impact of this campaign.

S&H has also worked with the Consumer Aerosol Products Council (CAPCO) and developed a unique program of radio air quality sponsorships and public relations programs aimed at educating the consumer that aerosol products are CFC-free and do not harm the Earth’s protective ozone layer.

The National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) came to S&H several years ago, when House Republicans were still reeling from the rapid-fire resignation of Newt Gingrich and subsequent resignation of Speaker-Designate Bob Livingston. S&H crafted communications strategy designed both to introduce new Speaker Dennis Hastert and put a new public face on the House majority.

As part of S&H’s relationship with the NRCC, the firm also produced advertising and strategy for the House Republicans’ “Battleground 2000” campaign that targeted races in key Congressional districts.

S&H has had a long record of success in Arizona, so it came as no surprise that the Arizona Cardinals retained the firm to help build public support for a ballot initiative that would pave the way for construction of the new football stadium in greater Phoenix. Working with the Cardinals, S&H rapidly developed a multi-faceted campaign featuring advertising and community relations efforts that proved successful. The initiative – to the surprise of most observers – received a majority of the popular vote.