Utilizing social media is an excellent way to build strong connections with your existing stakeholders and target audience. Choosing the right platforms, setting up social media profiles, and joining the online conversation can be key to extending your reach. An overarching content strategy combined with real-time engagement can help expand your presence online and create an ongoing dialogue with those who are important to your organization. We review your current resources and online profiles to determine the current status of your web presence. We then help you set measurable objectives that will form the basis of an ongoing strategy. Components of an effective social media plan may include the following items:

Social Media Audit: Determine which elements of your current arsenal can be used and develop a plan to maximize your existing assets.

Competitive Analysis: Review your competitor profiles, conversations, and tactics. See what they are doing with their social media pages, websites, blogs, videos, graphics, and community building efforts.

Profile Development: We will identify the social networks where you should be present and help you create and manage your own social media profiles to attract visitors and leverage the two-way conversation. Platform examples include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vine, Google+, and YouTube.

Community Building & Management: Engage with the online community and with your stakeholders in real time. Be part of conversations while they are happening.

Content Strategy: Develop core messages and develop content for online distribution. Use a content calendar to map out your time-frames and keep track of what is being posted when and where.

Cross Channel Promotion: Ensure your cross-channel marketing efforts are cohesive and provide multiple avenues where people can interact with your organization.

Follower Engagement: Interact with followers to promote sharing, maintain interest among those engaged, and show that you care. Consistently engaging with your followers in a timely way will also showcase you as an industry leader. By showing a high level of engagement, you can also guide your organization’s online presence and meet other experts.

Social Monitoring & Sentiment Analysis: In addition to active real-time involvement online, it is also important to gauge sentiment and monitor conversations others are having about your brand and interests.

Analytics & Reporting: Using the right tools and software can help you understand your online presence on a very deep level. This will allow you to understand what messages are resonating with people and who are they resonating with.