Google Ad Grants put invaluable marketing resources in the hands of eligible nonprofit organizations. The Google Ads Grant program can give you a $10,000 monthly "war chest" with few limitations to further your cause. You can use this bounty to raise awareness, attract new donors, recruit workers and volunteers, or increase donations.
Discover a variety of networking, training, and business events for marketing and communication professionals located in the Metro-DC area. This list is updated the first week (Friday) of each quarter.
This 5-part series is about navigating challenges and communicating effectively during difficult situations when your organization’s credibility and reputation – even its very future – are on the line. Learn from those who have communicated when the stakes are highest. Hear from those who’ve done it the right way, and from those who did it the wrong way. These are practitioners who’ve indeed been behind the bullseye.
Social media influencers, video streams, and search engine optimization. They’re all important ways to reach customers and broaden your reach. Yet one of the “oldest” and most effective messaging channels should not be forgotten: email. Email is not dead! Far from it. We’ve talked for years about how important email is to your overall digital
We are thrilled to be a part of this exciting Alexandria Chamber of Commerce (The Chamber ALX) project! Fall is here and fireplace weather is coming soon. What better way to spend an evening indoors with family and friends than playing board games?
Businesses that never considered webinars an important part of their marketing efforts are realizing that, during a pandemic, they can be a great vehicle for staying ahead of the curve and keeping customers engaged.

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