Ralph DiSibio has had an outstanding career in both the public and private sectors. He is also the author of the 2006 book, “Reel Lessons in Leadership” and on this episode of Behind the Bullseye, he shares valuable lessons he's learned over the course of his storied career.
Angie Howard was among the first women in executive leadership in the nuclear energy industry. In this episode, she reflects on her own experience and talks about what her industry can teach anyone leading a crisis response today.
covid myth and facts
By Walter HillPrincipal of WH Hill Communications LLC and Senior Consultant with Smith & Harroff Those experienced in crisis communications know that you can’t just relay facts in a crisis and expect to win over an audience. And frustrating as it may be, sometimes you have facts backed up by even the most rigorous science
Joining us on this episode of “Behind the Bullseye” is Stan Soloway. Stan talks to us about his experiences during a forty-year career as a public affairs consultant, political strategist, and CEO of a trade association.
A real crisis introduces stresses few can fully anticipate. You may do some things well. And other things not as well. If nothing else, you can anticipate and learn from the things those in the crosshairs have done well.
On this episode, we are joined by Robert Lehrman, a published novelist and journalist and former White House speechwriter. He served as chief speechwriter for Vice President Al Gore and for the Democratic National Committee, and he has written for politicians, celebrities and chief executive officers, both in normal times and in times of crisis.

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